Friday, November 21, 2014

Winthrop Cloud Formations

 I had lifted up a fistful of that ground.  I held it while that wild flight of south-bound warblers hurtled over me into the oncoming dark.  There went phosphorus, there went iron, there went carbon, there beat the calcium in those hurrying wings.  Alone on a dead planet I watched that incredible miracle speeding past.  It ran by some true compass over field and waste land.  It cried its individual ecstasies into the air until the gullies rang.  It swerved like a single body, it knew itself, and, lonely, it bunched close in the racing darkness, its individual entities feeling about them the rising night.  And so crying to each other their identify, they passed away out of my view.  I dropped my fistful of earth.  I heard it roll inanimate back into the gully at the base of the hill:  iron, carbon, the chemicals of life.  

Loren Eisley, The Judgment of the Birds

These clouds are quietly screaming Hallelujah!!

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