Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Please see my prior blog entry with link for ways to support those impacted by the historic fire up in the Methow Valley.   The fire is burning to the east and south of Winthrop and is impacting many communities particularly Pateros (pictures in prior blog).

In this entry are some photos from our 4 days at the Winthrop Rhythm and Blues Festival.  The fire was the backdrop for the festival (both literally and emotionally) but there were outstanding musicians and tremendous evidence of the fires to the east and south.

27th Annual Winthrop Rhythm and Blues Festival, Winthrop Washington.  Below are a few of our favorite groups.

All shot with little Sony A7 and 50 year old Leica lenses (w/ Novaflex Adapter).

The Holmes Brothers

For the most part, the smoke was pushed away from us off to the east by the strong winds driving the fire.   One afternoon it shifted and we all choked for about 2-3 hours.

Roy Rogers.   Incredible slide guitarist.

Charlie Musselwhite.

And a few shots of the fires.   All from our campsite/festival area.

Carlton Complex Fire in the Methow

Gail and I attended the Blues Festival up in Winthrop this last week.   It was great but pretty subdued due to the historic fires burning to the east and south down the Methow Valley.   On our drive back down Highway 153 we saw some of the impacts of the fire.   It is still burning but hopefully the rain today is helping.  Wanted to share these photos and a link for contributing to relief efforts for those affected by this disaster.

From along Highway 153.

From Pateros.