Saturday, April 1, 2017

Early Spring Garden

"Erroneously, we have come to believe that anger and hate are inevitable.  Buddhist psychology shows us another way.  We can live in this world with a non-contentious heart.  We can discover the courage not to succumb, not to retreat, not to strike out in fear and anger.  With the transformation of anger and hatred, we can speak the truth and stand up for justice.  And by resting in the wise heart, we can be a lamp, a medicine, a liberating presence to all."  Jack Kornfield, The Wise Heart.

Sitting (and reading The Wise Heart) in our early uncultivated spring garden and enjoying the partially turned soil, winter weeds, wild pansies, the first yellow jacket, first sounds of frogs, calls from a young hawk high in the evergreens up on the hill.  Even a few geese flying over.  A beautiful sunny spring day here in Washington State where we have had a long rainy winter.