Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Totally blown away by Guanajuato.   Just a couple of initial pictures of this unbelievably enchanting place.   We had no idea.  It will be fun spending 36 days here digging deep into the beauty of this city!

This is the view from our terrace!!!  Got up early this morning and watched the sun march halfway across the city before I succumbed to the cold.  It got down to 39 degrees here last night and was windy.   Is this Mexico?

Looking down on the Basilica and the University of Guanajuato.  This is the core historic part of the city.   Most of the streets here follow old silver mining tunnels that are under the surface.  Really a unique approach that provides an incredibly walkable city.    


  1. Wow! So charming and beautiful! Can't wait to see more photos, thank you for sharing your adventure.

    1. Thank you Laura!!! We're here for a month so I am hopeful for some artful photos. I tend to not do the typical travel photo thing so am not sure where I'll end up. Gail says… you and your husband need to come here!!!! Dan.