Thursday, February 6, 2014

More wanderings….

We've been hiking the callejones the last couple of days.  There is an extensive network of these alleyways spreading in all directions away from the core of the city.   We tend to work our way up high all the way to the Panorámica, walk along it for a while, and then drop back down into a different part of the city.  

I've also spent more time in churches.  Yesterday, the Templo de la Compañia de Jesús.  It's an exceedingly old church right next to the University of Guanajuato.

Scroll down for descriptions of photos and click on each to enlarge.

Wandering up the callejones...

Walking high up in a callejón I turned and saw this little woman behind me working her own way up.   Asked her if I could help with her package.  She single-purposefully kept working her way along.

I shot 4 pictures of her.  What is missing is the scene where she arrived at the gate of her little home.   Picture this..  a 6 inch narrow high step up to an old weathered plywood gate.   Behind that probably a 6 square feet area leading to 2-3 more steps and her front door.  This little woman put down her package, worked her way up onto the narrow single step, grabbed hold with both hands on top of the plywood at about eye level, and slowly reached over to unlock the gate.   I could not help myself and pressed my hands gently to her back as she balanced to unlock the gate.   Once through the gate, she slowly worked her way up the steps to her front door, unlocked it, and entered her little home.   A conversation with a young neighbor revealed that this woman is 97 years old.  Imagine this life.

Unlocking her front door after entering through her little gate.

Wandered and (respectfully) photographed inside the Templo de la Compañia de Jesús.   Slowly walked along the walls and found some nice moments.   Also ended up behind the alter… always a secret place it seems.   This Templo… from what I understand was finished in 1747 next to the Jesuit seminary (now the University).   Just amazing..  I love spending time in these places and thinking about all who have walked there before me.

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