Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Newport Bay

I will never forget how those wings went round and round, and how, by the merest pressure of the fingers and a feeling for air, one might go away over the roofs.  It is a knowledge, however, that is better kept to oneself.   I think of it sometimes, in such a way that the wings, beginning far down in the depths of the mind, begin to rise and whirl until all the mind is lit by their spinning, and there is a sense of passing away, but lightly, as a wing might veer over an obstacle.  

To see from an inverted angle, however, is not a gift allotted merely to the human imagination.  I have come to suspect that within their degree it is sensed by animals though perhaps as rarely as among humans.  The time has to be right.  One has to be by chance or by intention upon the border of two worlds.  And, sometimes, these two borders may shift or interpenetrate and one sees the miraculous.   ~Loren Eisley -- The Judgement of the Birds.

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