Monday, March 30, 2015

Florence - Tempio Sōtō Zen Shinnoyoji

Attended this wonderful Zen Buddhist temple here in Florence.    Anna Maria Iten Shinnyo is the Zen Master for the temple.   Such an incredible experience.   Meditation on Friday evening and a day long workshop on Dhāranīs.   This is the buddhist chant that forms part of the Zazen meetings.   The Dhāranīs workshop was taught by Rev. Aigo Seiga Castro who is a professor and Zen Master from Valencia Spain.   To our good fortune the lecture that went from 10am to 8pm was in english with translation to italian for the other attendees.   We had a marvelous time with this group for both the meditation and the lecture.   They made us feel totally at home.

A special gift from sister Temple in Japan.
Two friends we met at the Temple:   Piergiorgio and Ivano.
Blossomed on day that shrine was installed

Zen Master Anna Maria Iten Shinnyo

Zen Master and Monks

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