Monday, November 27, 2017

Mayan Prayers

Dolores praying with incense over both our Day of the Dead altar and also our Spirit House that we helped she and her family construct.   We were told that, for indigenous cultures, the spirit house was a place for our departed ancestors (grandparents) to come and visit us.  We each were prayed over before placing our candle into the Spirit House.    Both the alter (with pictures of my grandparents) and the Spirit House were made at Lake Atitlán in the shadow of Volcán San Pedro.  Look at older posts for additional Guatemala pictures.

Dolores praying over our Day of Dead altar and our Spirit House.

Our Day of the Dead altar with two of my grandparents:  Ethel Marie Pemberton and William Stanton Pemberton.

Our Day of the Dead altar.

Our spirit house with candles welcoming our ancestors. 

Spirit House

Spirit house. 

Our spirit house with Volcán San Pedro in the background.

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