Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cinque Terre - Vernazza

Vernazza is a beautiful city.   We loved walking in and around it and also between it and Monterosso on one of the short but challenging Cinque Terre trails.  It is a dynamic place.   We found a mix of beautifully peaceful mornings, overwhelming numbers of tourists later in the day, great food, fun alleyways to wander, history, colorful seaside village architecture, incredible vistas and views of the town, regional trains racing through town, etc. For the most part the weather was beautiful during our stay.  The Mediterranean was calm until the last day when it churned up and large waves crashed against the rock jetty.  All in all we loved our stay there.  Click on images to enlarge.

Vernazza Harbor

Vernazza is famous for its terraced farming.   We loved the Cinque Terre white wine.

View from the Monterossa trail

Some trains stop in Vernaazza.  Others race through  at high speed.

Gail celebrating success on the Vernazza-Monterossa Trail.

Street scene in Vernazza.


Hikers preparing for the Cinque Terre trails. 

We were told that to get ready when all the fishermen pulled their small boats out of the water.   They did that on  a calm morning.   These waves hit in the afternoon. 

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