Monday, May 4, 2015


A collection of photographs from our incredible time on Ischia.   We came here just by chance and we discovered one of most remarkable places we've ever been in our nearly 44 years together!!!  Gina, our host, her home in an old convent, the small town atmosphere, children still playing in the streets, the thermal springs around the island, the magnificent beauty throughout!!   All came together to create many memories that will remain forever.  

Castle Aragonese dominates offshore of Ischia

View to west for breakfast

Gina's wonderful breakfast spread

Bus adventures ... around the Island of Ischia

Castle Aragonese

Old landing area at Castle Aragonese

Town of Ischia Ponte (our window is there)

Thermal springs at Sorgeto

Thermal Springs at Sorgeta 

Thermal springs at Sorgeta

Some days... a welcome taxi ride back up the hill

Fisherman selling their catch each morning to towns people

View of Ischia Ponte from Castle Aragonese

Early morning view towards Naples and sun rising over Vesuvius

View of Ischia Ponte from top of Castle Aragonese

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Gina, our wonderful host in Ischia

Gina and Gail

Sant Angelo

Sant Angelo

Morning gathering to buy fish freshly caught

Changing station at Negombo Hot Springs
Juergen, our new friend from Strasburg Germany

The local police force in Ischia Ponte

Gail, Gina, and I

Ferry back to Naples with Ischia in distance

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