Friday, May 1, 2015

Rome - Walking.... ~ 20,000 steps per day ...

Some photos from our walks around Rome ..

Top of Spanish Steps

Looking down the Tiber River

East bank of River Tiber

Seems I interact with every dog along the way

Shop owner on side street of Rome

Last rainy day

Gail saying cheese..

Rode bus with this young guy ... we named the "most put together" we've seen

Corner at the Vatican

She wasn't even posing for anyone

The aftermath of audience with the Pope

We couldn't quite figure this out.

The Tiber is interesting.  Not developed along it at all.

Gelato everywhere.

A game of cricket in the park

From our roof top

Circus Maximus where gladiator races once were held

Steps at east end of Circus Maximus

Relaxing at Parco del Colle Oppio just adjacent to the Coliseum

Detail from poster arguing for better public access to beaches in Italy

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